At KJB Productions Backline Hire we believe that backline is the heartof each and every stage and that a perfectly functioning backline is thebackbone of every artist's performance. For this reason, we transport
our backline gear in the safest custom built road cases.


KJB Productions Backline Hire offers the highest quality equipment,from the vintage classics, to the latest models. We have an extensiverange of backline, which is ever-expanding for hire, to suit all musicalstyles and genres. You will be able to find anything you need for yourproduction, helping you achieve your goals perfectly.


We stock our warehouses with only top-of-the-line professionalinstruments that range from:
Full Drum Kit Selections from Yamaha maple absolute, Tama , DWPerfomance series, sonor and many more.
Guitar Amplifers and Guitar Cabinets from Fender, roland, Marshall andmany more.
Bass Amps and Bass Cabinets from Aguilar, SWR, Markbass, ampeg ,Hartke and many moreKeyboards andSynthesizers, including Hammond B-3 Vintage Organ,Fender Rhodes suitcase, Yamaha (CP1 – MOTIF XF'S),Roland, Korg and many morePercussion Instruments LP Giovanni signature,meinl, Djembes, Congas,Bongos,Cajons and any piece imaginable! DJ Mixers and CDJ's
Orchestra Instruments including Upright Basses and Cellos